B4C Social Venture Program Launches B4C START!

March 12, 2019 | by: Heather Boyd-Kinnie

B4C Social Venture Program Launches B4C START!

The journey of developing an idea into a startup looks romantic on the outside. You see others struggling courageously and achieving. You hear stories of long nights, close wins, and brave sacrifices. The trouble is: only a rare group has what it takes to work through this and succeed for any period of time, and not drop off out of the race. Experts believe that a large part of what sets people apart in this race is their understanding of basic business topics.

Be.For.Change Ventures (B4C) has spent the last two months talking to clients, partners, and public about the struggles of early stage companies and the skill gaps they see in local programs to help these early-stage entrepreneurs.

These early stage ideators often work on their idea off the side of their desk at their day job, but they don’t always believe that they know what they need to in order to jump into a venture full time. They are at a crux-they know that they would need to spend more time to get the idea off the ground, but they can’t quit their day job when they aren’t sure how their idea will pay the bills. These people need something to fast track them into a place where they can feel confident to commit more time.

B4C START has just recently launched to fill this gap in our region. While there are many wonderful online offerings, a key issue people face this early in the game is being connected to others in the entrepreneurial and social venture ecosystem.  We are partnering with organizations that offer pre-existing curriculum. In addition, we are adding our own specialized programming which ensures that participants are deeply connected with their social values before they develop their idea further, thus motivating them to keep those values at the core of what they do and how they grow. Importantly, our program is also providing deep interpersonal connections.

While participants are completing 6 weeks of online programming, they will have weekly video calls with peers and a facilitator. This will be followed up with an in-person meeting with a B4C team member to see how they are progressing, to consider their needs moving forward, and determine with whom they should be connected in order to facilitate these warm introductions.

Through B4C START, those who are at an early stage, and might otherwise have barriers to taking their idea forward, will be able to progress to a stage where they can be comfortable with a deeper commitment to their business. For those with triple bottom line ventures that are ready to launch, we offer the B4C Cohort Program to provide guidance and support through this next stage of development.

We are excited that B4C START has just launched registration for the program and we are looking forward to proving this unique program in the ecosystem.

To learn more about B4C or the START program, visit their website at https://b4c.ventures/

Article written by Rachel Mathis, Manager of B4C Start

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