"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
―Peter Drucker


2012-2013 Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador ProgramAlumni of SAP

Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick

Graziella Matteau

Jean-Michel Michaud (campus d’edmundston).
J’etudie dans le Département de techniques des affaires, justice et restauration, Programme de Techniques Policières. Devenir Ambassadeur Étudiant pour moi est une possibilité d’accroître mes connaissances afin de continuer mon cheminement personnel et améliorer celui des organismes à but non-lucratifs que je préside. Sa date de l’obtention du diplôme sera 22 juin, 2013. Email Jean-Michel.

Mount Allison University

Dustin Caissie
I am pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a Minor in Economics.I want to be a Student Ambassador because I want to take control of my destiny. Since I was young, I have always had an entrepreneurial mindset, and this is a perfect way to learn and express myself. I will graduate in May 2013. Email Dustin.

Carson Dillon

Marcel Dupuis

Mattieu de Leseleuc
I am pursuing my Commerce degree and will graduate in May, 2013. As a Student Ambassador, I believe that if we want to change the world as entrepreneurs we must first look to change ourselves… and the world will follow suit. Email Mattieu.

Jessica Pyle-Carter
I am pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce with a Minor in International Relations and will graduate in May 2013. I am excited to be a student ambassador because of the importance of entrepreneurship for New Brunswick. The impact start-up businesses can have on the community and wider world is great, and I am happy to be a part of building the ecosystem that will allow them to succeed. Email Jessica.

Brittany Smith
I am pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce, at the Ron Joyce Center for Business Studies and will graduate in May, 2013. I am interested in strategic issues and understand that there is a great need for innovation and leadership in New Brunswick and in Canada. I have been involved in numerous student leadership initiatives throughout my leadership career, and as a Student Ambassador, I am interested in learning how we can promote and create new innovative ventures in Canada.

New Brunswick Community College

Douglas Trueman

Stephen Kennedy

Rebecca Jefferson
I am studying Business Administration and Accounting.  I want to be a student ambassador because I want to help build the entrepreneurial ecosystem in New Brunswick. I strongly believe that we have the key resources already, and they are waiting to be used. This resource is the people of New Brunswick and their ideas! Being a student ambassador is important to me because I want to assist in taking ideas and passion and turning them into reality. I will graduate in June 2014.  My entrepreneurial venture is Music Row Productions: Something In the AirEmail Rebecca.

St. Thomas University

Paige Gallant
I am studying Communications and will graduate in May, 2013. I want to be a Student Ambassador is that so I can make an impact on the students at my school. I want to inspire them to put into actions the ideas or dreams they have and to encourage them that anybody with any education and any background can be an entrepreneur. I want to change people’s opinion on what the word entrepreneur really means here in NB. Email Paige.

University of New Brunswick

Sarbjyot Bains
I am pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering and will graduate in October, 2013. As a Student Ambassador I hope to motivate students from my faculty to become more entrepreneurial. My entrepreneurial venture is ArtiSense bridging the creative and corporate worlds. Email Sarbjyot.

John Connell
I am a student at Renaissance College pursuing a BPhil in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies. As a Student Ambassador, I believe that some of the most powerful change agents out there today are social entrepreneurs. Spreading the entrepreneurial mindset is a great way to use innovation to create sustainable and lasting positive impact! I’m interested in using the PDC and the skills that I have learned through PDC to generate discussions and entrepreneurial ideas in the fields of youth leadership, education, environmental sustainability, youth/civic engagement, and positive social impact. I will graduate in May 2013. Email John.

Jennifer Connolly
I am pursuing the study of Accounting within the Honours BBA program and will graduate in 2014.  As a Student Ambassador, I want to promote to students what being an entrepreneur is about – how it is possible for them to obtain their goals/dreams, and that all it requires is putting their passion into action. Email Jennifer.

Wesley Ireland
I am studying Computer Science and will graduate in 2015. I hope that my experience as a Student Ambassador will help guide and shape my future.

Shalini Jaggan
I am pursuing a Master of Business Administration with Concentration in Entrepreneurship and will graduate in 2013.I’m eager to learn from the experiences of other entrepreneurs, network with business professionals, investors, students and the wider community to help foster an entrepreneurial environment. Being a Student Ambassador and along with the guidance of the Pond- Deshpande Center, will give me the opportunity to achieve this and become a change agent. I look forward to making a difference. Email Shalini.

Andrew Mathis
I am  pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering and will graduate in 2015.  I want to be a Student Ambassador to the Pond-Deshpande Centre so that I can connect fellow students that have good ideas to the help they can get at the Pond-Deshpande Centre to turn that good idea into a company. Email Andrew.

Sarah Noftall
I am pursuing studies in Biology-Mathematics/Statistics and will graduate in 2014.I have always been passionate about innovation, international development and creating social change. The Student Ambassador Program will give me the opportunity to meet other like-minded New Brunswick students and to discover entrepreneurship as a possible career choice. My entrepreneurial venture is the startup of of SOS (Students Offering Support) on the UNB Campus. Email Sarah.

Robert (Bobby) Ogilvie
I ampursuing a Technology Management & Entrepreneurship Diploma (2013) & Bachelor of Business Administration (2014). As a Student Ambassador, I hope to: get others to consider a career, and take action towards, being an entrepreneur; to be more connected to the entrepreneurial community and support its growth; to help grow my own business within the region. My entrepreneurial venture involves the development of an App for students. Email Bobby.

Jakob (Jake) Wildman-Sisk
I am pursuing studies at Renaissance College and in the Business Administration Program and will graduate in 2014.  As a Student Ambassador, I’m excited to participate in discussions with all the aspiring young entrepreneurs involved in this program. I would like to tap into the older, more experienced, entrepreneurs as mentors, utilize the Pond-Deshpande Center as support network for my ideas, and engage in progressive conversation with all the other student ambassadors. I think that New Brunswick has great potential to be the next innovation hub and I’m excited to be a part of this process. I feel I have a lot to offer this province but realize that I don’t have all the answers to accelerate this process but believe that if all the forward-thinking individuals of the province join forces in this movement, New Brunswick could find itself shaping the Canadian business world on various levels.  I am a currently a social entrepreneur and Co-President of Right-to Play at the UNB Campus. Email Jake.

Université de Moncton

Samantha Burke
I am pursuing studies in Marketing in the Administration Program  and will graduate in May, 2013. As a Student Ambassador, I want to be the link between the innovators and entrepreneurs in our community and the students of my university. Email Samantha.

André-Phillippe Caissie
Baccalauréat en administration des affaires, concentration en finances; l’obtention prévue en avril 2013. Pour moi devenir un ambassadeur signifie que je pourrai aider notre province a atteindre un niveau économique mieux qu’il est présentement. Ce serai une forme d’inspiration incroyable afin de me permettre de m’épanouir. Email André-Phillippe.

Pascal DeGrâce
Je suis actuellement étudiant de 3e année en Administration des affaires, concentration marketing à l’Université de Moncton. Je me considère comme étant un étudiant passionné par l’innovation et l’entrepreneuriat. Étant très motivé par ce domaine, je suis moi-même entrepreneur. Mon partenaire d’affaires , Daniel Saulnier et moi, avons fondé notre  propre entreprise qui ce nomme Memories2Go. Je crois qu’il est très important de fournir les outils nécessaires aux étudiants pour que ceux-ci peuvent fonder de nouvelles entreprises afin de favoriser l’innovation dans notre province. Courriel:Pascal

Hervé Gbedji
I am studying Administration & Information Systems Management and will graduate in the spring of 2015. As future entrepreneur, leadership is a key asset to have at one’s side. Being an ambassador gives me the opportunity to experience some of the contours of leadership, and definitely at some point in the future , it will all pay off. Email Hervé.

Patrick-Olivier Meunier
J’etudie dans la Faculté des Arts et Science Social, département d’Histoire, programme: Spécialisation Histoire. Je veux être un étudiant ambassadeur parce qu’e je veut un nouveau défi et une volonté de changer les choses ce qui m’entoure. Sa date de l’obtention du diplôme sera  avril, 2013.

Daniel Saulnier
I am a Faculty of Business Marketing major and will graduate in 2014. I am always eager for new challenges and learning opportunities. Being an entrepreneur myself, I realize that it is quite important to spread the entrepreneurial mindset in order to create better opportunities and a better environment for start up companies in our province.  I believe that by working together we can create the perfect eco-system in our province to help aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dreams and ambitions of turning their ideas into a reality!  My partner and fellow Student Ambassador Pascal De Grâce and I are revolutionizing the photo industry by offering new types of entertainment and marketing solutions for special events through our business Memories2Go.    Email Daniel.

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