NouLAB Invited to Present at Systems Thinking Conference in Turin , Italy

October 11, 2018 | by: Heather Boyd-Kinnie

NouLAB Is Invited to Present at the Relating Systems Thinking and Design 7 (RSD7) Conference in Turin, Italy, October 24-26.

Rose Mosse, Lab Manager

The Relating Systems Thinking and Design 7 (RSD7) Conference is a convening of thought leaders in fields relating to the rapidly evolving and complex nature of our world. Academics and business leaders will be in attendance to gain insight into how to address challenges ranging from policy innovation to civic design to architecture.

NouLAB, the Pond-Deshpande Centre’s public and social innovation lab, is being recognized for its ability to delve deeply in to the root causes of complex problems and to find ways to quickly prototype ways to take action. Lewis Muirhead, Rosamund Mosse and Nick Scott of the NouLAB Team, will present the key learnings from the past year in developing and delivering the Economic Immigration Lab.  They will receive feedback from the audience, and this will then lead into writing up a full paper.

Over the past year, the Economic Immigration Lab has seen 11 prototypes developed to take action on how to improve the process and experience of immigration into New Brunswick. Through participatory practices, human-centred design, and innovation practice, NouLAB has led over 60 participants into a deeper understanding of the system of immigration in New Brunswick and has led them to take action on strategic leverage points to make change in that system.

Stay tuned for the full paper to be published in the conference proceedings.

Article written by Lewis Muirhead, NouLAB Knowledge Manager

Lewis Muirhead, Knowledge Manager

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